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Sound and Music

MAYA by Sofilab
Augmented Reality Sound Installation in MAYA

What are the new forms of listening enjoyment in the immersive and interactive environment we live in today?

Sofilab contributes to answering this question by developing innovative artistic projects that combine traditional forms of sonic expression with fresh approaches to audience participation and the use of emerging sound technologies, always based on a deep understanding of the history and nature of music and sound.

Sofilab brings together the most talented artists, technologists and designers in their field, seniors and juniors alike, many of whom working in a interdisciplinary way, to achieve its goal: to create the truly fascinating and captivating sound and music experiences of the 21st century. 


Sofilab initiates projects and starts research on the topics of digital music practice, media and sound art, games and interactive sonic communication.

INSIDE MPHIL: Listen inside the orchestra

Created by Sofilab, Inside MPhil  is a sophisticated smartphone app which allows you walk inside the sound of the Munich Philharmonic orchestra.

Enabled by GPS and binaural sound processing you enter the orchestra acoustically and hear the instruments as if you were standing next to them, just as the musicians hear themselves and their colleagues.

SMALL PLACES: Sound installation

Created by Sofilab, Small Places presents the entire music catalogue ever produced by ECM Records as a sound installation.

Listeners sit opposite of each other, only divided by thin gauze. Light changes illuminate alternately the listener on the one side, then on the other, each time transforming the listener into an actor and vice-versa: The listener becomes the art object in the gallery.

FLOW: Realtime 3D audio-visual installation

Conceived by Sofilab and created by digital artist Lars Ullrich, "Flow" lets the visitor experience the motion inside the music of ECM Records. 

By creating an abstract landscape from the music, it allows the visitor to explore the music's fluid dynamics and let him be part of its organic behavior: The listener is drawn into the music.

VERGEHEN: GPS-enabled music walk

Developed by SofilabVERGEHEN is an opera that you walk. 

Download the VERGEHEN app to your smartphone, take your headphones and take a walk at the Munich river Isar. You can walk VERGEHEN on any day at any time and in any weather.

ANON Escape the murder: Smartphone game

With Audio by SofilabANON: Escape the Murder is a first person adventure game series based on the world of ANON the film created by critically acclaimed and award winning director Andrew Niccol (know for Gattaca, In Time). 

Sound design and Sound programming by Sofilab.

MAYA: Mixed-Reality-Techno-Opera

Produced by Sofilab, the opera staged the former heating plant Munich-Aubing as a historic site.

Through the AR-app on the own smartphone, the spectator betook himself in the perspective of a new civilization in the distant future, and looked back in amazement on the demise of our current civilization in the near future.

Artists, musicians, technologists and entrepreneurs work together with institutions and partners, often co-financed through sponsors and funds.

Sofilab is also a place of education. Programmers, Designers and business people learn to use their aural sense, to understand and communicate through sound. Technical eartraining, music design and sound practices are among the subjects taught.  


Get in touch with Sofilab by using our contact page or send your email to info [at] sofilab [dot] art.